AJ & Khrista

CornBunch Co. was born in March 2016, a few months after my husband and I bought our very first home in Santa Clarita, CA. We both worked in Los Angeles and used to live in the city for 10 years. When our little family started growing, God called us to look for a bigger space, and Santa Clarita boasted of good school districts and developing lands, establishments and businesses. God brought us to this first house that we viewed with our second agent (first agent brought us to numerous overpriced houses), and the rest was history. We put an offer, and 26 days later, we moved in. From then on, promising ideas came left and right, and it was clear as day that God was calling me to share this newfound passion to the world.


CornBunch Co. is initially a concept of home design company specializing in personalization and individualization of our clients. We understand the importance and depth of making a house into a home, of putting down roots and establishing one’s values and beliefs in the way they live. Dictionary.com offers numerous definitions of a “home”, but CornBunch will go with “a place of residence or refuge.” Refuge, in turn, is synonymous with “sanctuary”, a sacred or holy place. We go home to rest, relax, be ourselves and meditate/pray. When we’re home, we leave all problems at the door and clear our minds of any stressors and focus on nurturing ourselves and our family. These are the reasons CornBunch strives to aid clients with making their space truly their own.


But as our journey has always been about including the whole family (hence the company’s name), we wanted to express how kids, ours and yours, play such an incredibly important role in this world. They are our future, and we thought of acknowledging this by coming up with Dear Jesse&Brooke.

We are beyond humbled that you visited us today, and we hope to have sprinkled a little bit of ‘inspirational dust’ your way.

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