As this marks the very first to hopefully hundreds of entries to the first blog I actually launched, I hope to be able to do exactly that, leave a mark. I have been attempting to start a blog for ages but as I mentioned in an IG post, only recently have been my passions become funneled, stronger, clearer, and more concrete for me to feel it ready to be blazoned.

The homily by Fr. Bandivas at Easter mass in St. Peter the Apostle Church in Henderson, NV was so fitting when he said to transform “inference” to “experience”. says inference is a conclusion, assumption or a guess. To convert an assumption to reality, he mentioned to try to look for ways to have a personal experience with God. Since late last year, I have been hearing God’s voice loud and clear about starting something. He has been putting ideas in my head but I have been going back and forth about how to finally start them. On Sunday, God spoke to me again when Fr. B said to share once we encounter that personal experience.

I discovered yet another passion last year, a few months after my husband and I bought our very first home. I have always been into anything involving design, probably even way back in high school when my friends and I were so much into fashion. My first degree was Computer Science, but my specialization focused on multimedia design. After a few modeling stints in the Philippines, my first major job in Los Angeles was graphic and web design. I also got into photography and a little video editing. Since then, I’ve always had an eye for neutrals, black and white, symmetry, and a few pop of colors. My instagram account was initially started for product reviews, but it soon after became a home interior design account.

I regularly converse with my Hong Kong-based sister Katrina Toomalatai, an entrepreneur at heart with a very innovative mind, and she made me come up with starting something involving children, hence Jesse&Brooke.

So, here’s me hoping to impart what God called me to do. With flair.

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