Well, way to meet my initial goal of posting weekly on this blog. I apologize for the hiatus, but there’s only one of me against two toddlers to raise, a full-time job to keep, one home to maintain and one spouse to “cater to”. You know, living the dream. No sweat.

Anyway, let’s bounce right back. Hopefully this post makes up for lost time.

As I’ve been busy being a mommy and a wife, I also somewhat slowed down on fueling my creativity and vision. I was on IG and Pinterest for extended periods of time these past weeks to hopefully see one image that will jumpstart my artsy engine. Nothing.

This week, ideas randomly came to my head that made me get off the couch and away from my phone. It got me inspired enough to write this post, and hopefully help some folks out there looking to ignite that fire once more.

1. Get a library card. We’ve been in Santa Clarita for two years and five months now, but only a couple of days ago was I able to set foot in our local library. Back in L.A., Beverly Hills Library was my hangout during nursing school and NCLEX days. One may not realize the amount of resources available here. And all for free! Computers, internet, magazines, journals, audiobooks, DVDs, CDs, etc. When we moved, I looked up library activities for the kids, but never got around to actually bringing them. We finally went, got lost in all the books, chose what we wanted to bring home, and left with stacks of books and magazines, giddy like kids from a candy store.

2. Plan a girls’ night out. After one rare anxiety attack, my husband suggested I spend some time unplugging, as a mom, as a wife, as my regular self. I welcomed the idea and carefully thought of how I will spend it. I am so happy with how that night played out. It was just me and my homegirl, Ruby. We chose sushi-mex for dinner, had some drinks at Saddle Ranch, and ended the night with a horror movie. More than the recreational aspect of the time I was offered to enjoy, it is the conversation/fellowship, the chance to learn something new, and the appreciation of the friendship you share with someone willing to spend that particular period of time with you. It will be a night you will look back to and cherish, a time you will be grateful you got off the couch for.

3. Work out! This is mainly for me, as I am never too crazy about working out. My husband is a gym buff, and one would think I should’ve been brainwashed by now, but I could never keep up with him. I’d rather use the time to clean the house; in my mind, I’m also working out that way. But if I really wanted to sweat it out, my form of working out is dancing! I watch YouTube workout dance videos to Bruno Mars songs and follow those. After I’m done, I feel accomplished and ready to do so much more for that day.

This list is not much, but these are surefire ways to jumpstart anyone, physically, mentally, emotionally and hopefully, spiritually.

Let me in on your surefire ways to jumpstart your creative engines. Comment below or tag @cornbunch on Instagram.

Keep it burning, guys!

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