Yes, it’s Mother’s Day!

I get mixed emotions when I read about stories of the deepest and most unconditional love known to man: a mother’s love.

This month, I will feature as much awesome moms as I can so we can all be inspired by how truly blessed we all are to be mothers, have mothers or simply know mothers.

To give you an idea of how to celebrate this day, I asked some of my awesome mommy friends and families what their favorite alone time activity is in order to rejuvenate themselves and bounce back to their multiple roles with full tank:

“Mani pedi, massage and getting my hair done, may it be coloring or cutting it (by myself).”
[She’s a trained HMU artist.]

“Devotional Time (Bible Reading), Parlor time (haircut, actually I miss mani/pedi but it’s expensive to do regularly so haircut/color is more realistic).”


“Full body massage.”

“Massage, spa, travel/trip, sleep.”

“I like to wake up early and read uplifting literature (typically religious literature like the Bible), that way I’m happier and kinder through out my day.

The other thing that rejuvenates me is to spend time with other moms talking and realizing we all struggle, that our best efforts, no matter how imperfect, is enough. ”

“Sleep & shopping.”


“Reading my daily devotional book, Our Daily Bread. Nothing gives me the best feeling by spending time with God everyday. It is where I draw strength physically and mentally as I juggle all the chores everyday.”

“Play and have bonding with my grandchildren.”

Tag @cornbunch on IG to let us know how you celebrated your super moms this Sunday.


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